Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 6: Friday, November 25: Outside of L'Armentera

Today we rode out toward the beach! When we arrived at the ocean there was no one

around as it was off season. We rode right were the waves were breaking because the

thats where the ground was firmer so that the horses didn’t pull any muscles as we

galloped through the sand. Once all the horses were used to being in the water we

trotted and galloped for miles and miles. We would take little breaks to let the horses

catch their breath then surge forward again. There was such an amazing feeling of

exhilaration as the horses flew through the waves. As we came to the end of the beach

there were a few more people around who watched curiously as we walked by. From

the beach we went into a little town on the beach called San Martí. We tied the horses

up in some woods outside the town and walked in to have lunch at a little restaurant.

After lunch it was just a short ride to our next stop. We stayed in an old mill outside of

town. The house was vacant unlike the other places we had been staying, and were

were told that were were going to have a special cook for dinner. At 8:00 we cam out to

a kitchen filled with delicious smells and our superb chef David. David owns and cooks

for a local restaurant that was about 30 mins away. He made us all sorts of traditional

catalan food. Our first course was pumpkin cream soup with 5 local types of

mushrooms. Then we had a plate of asparagus with a delicious dried tomato sauce.

They man course was chicken with curry seasoning and a mix of cooked local

vegetables. For desert he brought almond cake w/toffee sauce and whipped cream.

This was by far the most delicious meal of the trip. After dinner we all hung out and

chatted for a while before heading off to bed.

Our home for the night

Our Chef David

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