Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Back Roads of Europe CATALONIA SPAIN

The other night Frankie and I watched an educational video called The Back Roads of Europe CATALONIA  SPAIN.  The movie gave us a much better picture as to what we should expect when we visit Catalonia. It showed that sometimes the best way to enjoy a country is to avoid the main thoroughfares and let your eyes ears and taste buds wander where not everyone has dared to go. The mountainous landscapes were absolutely beautiful!  The video took us on a tour of small villages and colorful towns that are just a ways inland of the crowded coastline. This was really cool too see because it is exactly what we will be doing on our trip. While we will spend one day at the beach near the Bay of Roses, the majority of our journey will be spent riding through small villages each with a character and history of its own.  Seeing examples of this is really starting to get us excited about our adventure! Hidden Trails has a short video that shows small parts of the ride we will be going on, you can watch it at

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