Monday, September 12, 2011

International Study Meeting

         This afternoon I went to meet with Tiffany Cummings, the Director of International Studies here at Sweet Briar College.  She is helping us make our trip to Spain qualify as an official study abroad experience which will help us by allowing us to have an official experience abroad if we don’t do a full semester or year long program next year. By making this experience an official program abroad for the school it also allows others to do the same or a similar program in the future because now that Tiffany knows about the program and the Hidden Trails website she can suggest it to other people. Tiffany was also very helpful in talking to me about the insurance plan that we have selected. We have bought insurance through the airline to cover our tickets, in case something happens and we are unable to go we will be refunded for the price of the tickets. Even better, and more likely to be useful, is that the insurance on our tickets means that the airline is responsible for getting us to Barcelona by six o’clock on Sunday night and that they will compensate us for any delays that we may experience. This gives us security that we will get there on time so that we may meet our tour group who will pick us up at the airport and drive us to where we start the tour, about an hour and a half up into the Pyrenees mountains. The other insurance that we bought is a plan that covers the trip itself. It has a full refund to cover the money that we have already paid if the trip is canceled for any reason, and it has comprehensive medical coverage. This coverage includes any healthcare that we need while in Spain including medivac, airlifting us to the nearest hospital or someone in to help us if necessary. This was something that Tiffany said was of key importance especially for a trip like this. All in all the meeting made me feel more secure about the insurance that we picked, and that I can be assured that it will cover what we need.

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